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Style crushin’ : Instagram fashionista Andy Csinger

This gal.

She’s got style, am I riiiiiight?

Andy Csinger, the mysterious fashion guru, whose stunning photographs on Instagram have got the style bloggers in a right spin.


The Insta-babe, from Slovakia, Europe, has been living in Australia for the past five years.

Her clean, minimalist outfits have definitely got a mix of European and Aussie feel about them.

According to her bio, she is studying a Bachelor of Commerce, and is specialising in Marketing. Clever AND super cool? Well jel.

Having worked with brands such as Lulu Lemon and Staple The Label, she really knows what she’s doing and has incorporated her love of travel and beauty into her profile too.

Her whole mantra “keeping it simple” can be seen in these BEAUT pics and I just can’t get enough.

These are some of my fave looks.


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πŸ­πŸ’­βœ” // @closedofficial jeans πŸ‘…

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Now I know how much we all love a Instagram, it could probably make a mouldy apple look delicious. So when I stumbled across this digital frame on Brit & Co. I had to share.

On the Instacube you can view your feed, like your friends photo’s and send your pics to the frame for all to see. Use it as a wake-me-up to get you going in the mornings, use it at weddings so people can send funny photo’s, or use it for inspiration and so on and so forth.

You can pre-order now to get yours, I am contemplating getting one! Would you get one? I don’t know whether the novelty will wear off after time or it will be put to good use. Hard to tell, but they look so cool, I can’t help but want one!



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Arty aunty

I went over to my Aunty’s earlier, and I love going over there because she’s always making something new. It could be a cushion or curtains or even a woolen cupcake made out of old jumpers! I love how my family are so creative, she even gave me some beads, sequins and cut-outs of birds, hearts etc that I can use for my craft afternoon at home next week! SO excited to get crafty!


As soon as I walked into the dining room I noticed these amazing prints from the wonderful Patrick Edgeley. He is a graphic designer from Brighton & Hove on the South-East coast of England and loves working with screen prints. The colours and retro-feel caught my eye immediately and I couldn’t wait to take a photo and put it up! He uses both real images collaged together as well as hand-drawn images. How cool!

Check out his site and page on Etsy.

Love his work!





Look at those clouds, covering that gorgeous blue. This weather has been the maddest yet! Hailstorms, muggy, humid, wet, dry. Make your mind up!


Peek a blue