It’s all about tan, man

Whilst I try and get over my obsession with pink, I’m becoming equally as involved with all things tan.

I’m on the hunt for a tan suede jacket so my best friend Pinterest is helping me out and inspiring me as always. I wish I wasn’t so addicted, I might have more of a life… *ahem*

I love the whole 70s vibe and actually remember my dad having THE coolest suede bomber jacket. It sucks he got rid of it.

It all comes round again doesn’t it?

Check out my top picks for all things tan, man.




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Kendall Jenner’s landed THE hottest Vogue cover and people are going cray

Kendall Jenner, sister of Kim and best friend of Cara, has just landed her first proper Vogue cover. “Proper”, because she has technically graced the cover previously, if only on a 52-page special for subscribers on models who use social media.

At long last one of the most controversial models of the moment, and someone who is probably sick to death of being told that she’s not a “real” supermodel, gets some credit for all her hard work.

Naturally, the entire Kardashian clan (and Ryan Seacrest, for some reason) were on hand to congratulate her, with the help of balloon letters, selfies and giant photos of her own face.

A little background info on the cover: Despite repeated calls from die-hard Vogue fans who believe that fash-un magazines feature only fash-un models and fash-un people living fash-un lives, the world’s best known fash-un monthly has strived to keep up with the IT models of recent years.

As a result, we’ve seen everyone from Kimye (complete with wedding dress) to Kate Upton doing their best statuesque pose on the cover. The argument is always the same; these people aren’t *real* models or artists, their very existence should appal Vogue and its high-calibre readership.

To these people, Kendall is the antithesis of everything Vogue. She shouldn’t be anywhere near the cover – let alone on the all-important September issue.

Throughout the interview, Kendall pleads to be “taken seriously” and insists that her multimillion-dollar modelling career is “not a joke or a stunt”, but the article itself send a conflicting message.

Subject matter revolves predominantly around growing up in the spotlight, her famous sisters and her dad’s sex transition. This is another thing that’s rattled the cage of Vogue fans.

Possibly writing with the aim of riling up fashion fanatics even further, Vogue published a line comparing Ken-J to Linda Evangelista, one of the most admired supermodels of all time.

Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. But then again, is it really Vogue’s fault that people are so salty over a single magazine cover? No, Kendall might not be the perfect supermodel – but she gets people talking in a way that a safe option like Edie Campbell, Gisele or (God forbid) yet ANOTHER Kate Moss cover would not.

If anyone can prove that all press is good press, it’s the Kardashian clan. And hey, at least it isn’t Kylie.


Millie Mackintosh gets body shamed for hairy legs

When Millie Mackintosh posted a photo from her holiday in a French ski resort we weren’t expecting to see an argument about body shaming and feminism.

But that’s exactly what happened when the reality star posted a photo of her legs on Instagram.


One user wrote: “How hairy are her thighs?”

Another, named Kelah O’Neil, wrote: “She didn’t shave her legs uh oh she’s losing my brownie points.”

Lorna Barlow simply posted: “Hairy dog legs.”

Millie Mackintosh arriving at the Julien MacDonald show taking place during London Fashion Week SS16/
(Edward Smith/PA)

Most of the posts supported Millie, with many women saying they didn’t shave their thighs either.

One wrote: “Seriously, some of you need to take a long, hard, serious look in the mirror and sort yourselves out!!!! Women tearing down other women. Gross.”

Comments from Instagram users.

Don’t worry Millie, we don’t shave that high either…



5 dress trends you wanna be wearing this summer

Summer is really trying to make an appearance in England. It’s taking a while but it’ll get here eventually.

Time to get rummaging people. There’s no time like the present!

This season the cold shoulder trend is still huge, pinafore dresses are everywhere and palm prints are no longer just for the beach.

Here are the only key dress trends – and their best high street incarnations – you need for the coming warmer months (well, fingers crossed).

1. The tropical print dress

Topshop palm print jacquard mini dress
Topshop palm print jacquard mini dress, £95 (Topshop)

2. The shirt dress

Very Aztec shirt dress
Very Aztec shirt dress, £32 (Very)

3. The off-the-shoulder dress

La Redoute off-the-shoulder denim dress
La Redoute off-the-shoulder denim dress, £29 (La Redoute)

4. The floral dress

Topshop floral wrap sun dress
Topshop floral wrap sun dress, £49 (Topshop)

5. The pinafore dress

Deena denim pinafore dress
Deena denim pinafore dress, £59.50 (Oliver Bonas)



8 of the prettiest wallpaper prints around

Sometimes, a lick of paint just won’t do.

We all love a feature wall, but that doesn’t necessarily need to mean a bright, garish print or a wall full of frames and art.

The folks at Murals Wallpaper have got you guys (or walls) covered. You can even get your own photographs blown up! Now, that’s memorabilia.

Take a look through these beauties…

Almond-Branches (1)

I love the ancient, oriental feel of this print. Yet, somehow it still feels modern and timeless.


The leaf print can be seen in fashion and interior design magazine around at the moment! I love the tropical feel. I would feel like I was in The Jungle Book! Thumbs up.


The polkadot print isn’t one that ever seems to date. This wallpaper is such a fun concept. It’d be great in a home office or kids playroom! Don’t forget, clashing patterns – love them.


Travel to California with this awesome print. The filter gives it a retro twist. Pop a blow-up paddling pool in the room to really make you feel like you’re on hol. Ha!


It’s not just hair getting the ombre treatment! This indigo dip-dye style theme is so subtle, rather calming and sophisticated too. This colour would look lovely with a bright pop of orange!


How gorgeous is this photograph? This completely takes you to another world, it’s like you’re literally floating on water. You would need to keep the room simple and tidy so as not to overcrowd the room. Let the wall do the talking.


The exposed brick theme is seen throughout Sweet Nothings. I can’t get enough of it. This is brilliant as it takes half the time creating a real brick wall would. Pair with industrial-style art, copper lamps and grey furnishings to really bring the look to life.


This one is probably my favourite. As I’ve recently come back from travelling, (no, I don’t know why I came back) it really makes me relish every single place I’ve explored and what it meant to me. The muted colours on this map mean that adding colour to the room won’t ruin the vibe. You could also mark off all the places you’ve been and have some fun with it!


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13 GORGE ways to wear pleated skirts this Spring

The pretty pleated skirt trend isn’t going anywhere this spring and summer, but luckily it’s more versatile than you probably think.

Whether you go for maxi, midi, mini, sheer, one colour or printed, there are so many ways to make pleated skirts work for the awkward time in-between the seasons.

We’re out to prove it’s a fashion staple this season, so here are a few ideas for getting a lot of wear out of your pleats.

1. Full, dramatic and to the floor


2. With a denim shirt 


3. With a leather jacket 


4. Mini with knitwear 


5. With opposing horizontal stripes 


6. With bold clashing prints


7. With other neutrals 


8. Floral and mid-length


9. Leather pleats 


10. With trainers and a cute T-shirt


11. With an oversized jumper


12. With faux fur


13. With a crisp white shirt




11 key pieces our favourite fashion bloggers are wearing right now

If your wardrobe is screaming winter despite the fact that the clocks have gone forward and summer is well on it’s way (we can dream), then take some style inspiration from these top fashion bloggers.

From Em Sheldon and Peexo to The Man Repeller, here are the pieces they’re wearing.

1. Oversized flat faced watches


2. Black skinnies with rips in the knees


3. Chunky mid-heels


4. Black Nikes


5. Pinafore dresses


6. Multiple trinket rings


7. White off-the-shoulder tops


8. Sport luxe bomber jackets


9. Polo neck dresses


10. T-strap heels


11. The Chloe cross-body bag