It’s all about tan, man

Whilst I try and get over my obsession with pink, I’m becoming equally as involved with all things tan.

I’m on the hunt for a tan suede jacket so my best friend Pinterest is helping me out and inspiring me as always. I wish I wasn’t so addicted, I might have more of a life… *ahem*

I love the whole 70s vibe and actually remember my dad having THE coolest suede bomber jacket. It sucks he got rid of it.

It all comes round again doesn’t it?

Check out my top picks for all things tan, man.




3a4d633930da25257f260241f6f56d42 3b4424673c63e052548d6106a9cb4d12 35a0893104a1d72109edca3b17a07f30 32595ec95df47195afa1b01400d90013 909284ddc3c9461af7ee7b98dd4b3092 b16e3ea2b689067fb5f5c51dc58cce00


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