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Style crushin’ : Instagram fashionista Andy Csinger

This gal.

She’s got style, am I riiiiiight?

Andy Csinger, the mysterious fashion guru, whose stunning photographs on Instagram have got the style bloggers in a right spin.


The Insta-babe, from Slovakia, Europe, has been living in Australia for the past five years.

Her clean, minimalist outfits have definitely got a mix of European and Aussie feel about them.

According to her bio, she is studying a Bachelor of Commerce, and is specialising in Marketing. Clever AND super cool? Well jel.

Having worked with brands such as Lulu Lemon and Staple The Label, she really knows what she’s doing and has incorporated her love of travel and beauty into her profile too.

Her whole mantra “keeping it simple” can be seen in these BEAUT pics and I just can’t get enough.

These are some of my fave looks.

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Inside Ellen DeGeneres’s ridiculously cool horse ranch home

So it turns out that as well as doing the odd bit of voice-over work, killing it on her TV show, having a clothing line and just being a generally awesome person, Ellen DeGeneres is a super talented interior designer…

The comedian had her own  26-acre horse ranch in Los Angeles that she shared with wife Portia but has now sold.

It’s pretty cool. It was built by William Powell in the 1920s as an estate, then it became a monastery, then a rehab centre, and then the horses moved in.


Ellen writes about it in her book Home, and said how she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it.

She wrote: “The whole place looked like it belonged on another planet.

“It was a professional horse facility, and the outbuildings that were occupied were really just basic offices.


“It was an incredible piece of property, with eight individual cabins, several barns, and of course, horse stables.


“I approached it like I was designing and decorating ten different homes, giving every cabin and space its own unique identity—had I not, I think it would have started to feel a bit like a hotel.


“But that was a unique challenge, too, because while I wasn’t fixated on making a whole ‘house’ that hangs together as one, I also wanted it all to feel like home. The only real theme that stuck was comfort. We lived in every cabin, as we decorated and restored them one by one.


“When we finished one, we’d move in and begin work on the next. The first cabin we lived in didn’t have a kitchen, a bathtub, or any other amenities to speak of. But it was fun. Number 8 was the biggest cabin. For no particular reason, we spent most of our nights in Number 5, which had a screened porch and a view of an epic rock (it really was epic).


“Eventually, I redid the Art Barn, which we used as a dining room for bigger parties. There was the Romantic Barn, where Portia and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary (I surprised her with some factory lights from the early 1900s that she had seen and loved), hence the name.


“The last thing I tackled was Portia’s Barn, which I learned should not be decorated at all. Barns are dirty. Nobody wants to dust sixteen ornately framed paintings every week.

“But there were so many cool sculptures and art pieces that I loved in those barns and cabins; I’ve since moved a lot of them to other houses and even to my office and dressing room at work. My staff isn’t allowed to touch anything, but they are free to admire from afar.


“While we lived on the ranch, we tried to make use of the entire property so we could enjoy the outdoors. We put in a tennis court and put up a badminton net. It was really fun, especially when I won.



“And if we didn’t have guests over we could always play doubles with the coyotes and skunks that roamed the property. They were a joy. That is one thing I really loved about the ranch—we were so close to Los Angeles but able to feel secluded in a natural wonderland.


“Portia and I would bring out big picnic blankets and just lay around, surrounded by wild flowers and huge oak trees.


“When we were there instead of in the city, this really felt like our home away from home. I have to say, the ranch has been one of my favourite projects to date.”


Who knew Ellen was such an interior guru?! We can’t get enough of this place…


Try and watch this student’s incredible Adidas video without crying

If you want to feel all of the feels, please carry on reading.

Student Eugen Merher is the director of an incredible advert called “Break Free”, which he made with Adidas in mind and posted on YouTube.

It shows a former marathon runner, now trapped living in a retirement home, who finds an old pair of Adidas trainers and starts dreaming of running again. But every time he tries to go outside, the workers at the care home restrain him, and heartbreakingly, even take away his sneakers at one point.

*tries to hold back the tears*


However, the man won’t give up. And, while we won’t give away exactly how it ends (you can probably guess) let’s just say you’ll feel incredibly uplifted. Like, the kind of uplifted where you may have to resist the urge to start clapping.

Merher, a 26-year-old student at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, told The Huffington Post that advert has been sent to Adidas’ communications department but added that they “didn’t really react”.

Well, the clip has had over 2 million views on YouTube, and we can definitely confirm it got a reaction from us.

*feels emotional for the rest of the day*


It’s all about tan, man

Whilst I try and get over my obsession with pink, I’m becoming equally as involved with all things tan.

I’m on the hunt for a tan suede jacket so my best friend Pinterest is helping me out and inspiring me as always. I wish I wasn’t so addicted, I might have more of a life… *ahem*

I love the whole 70s vibe and actually remember my dad having THE coolest suede bomber jacket. It sucks he got rid of it.

It all comes round again doesn’t it?

Check out my top picks for all things tan, man.




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Kendall Jenner’s landed THE hottest Vogue cover and people are going cray

Kendall Jenner, sister of Kim and best friend of Cara, has just landed her first proper Vogue cover. “Proper”, because she has technically graced the cover previously, if only on a 52-page special for subscribers on models who use social media.

At long last one of the most controversial models of the moment, and someone who is probably sick to death of being told that she’s not a “real” supermodel, gets some credit for all her hard work.

Naturally, the entire Kardashian clan (and Ryan Seacrest, for some reason) were on hand to congratulate her, with the help of balloon letters, selfies and giant photos of her own face.

A little background info on the cover: Despite repeated calls from die-hard Vogue fans who believe that fash-un magazines feature only fash-un models and fash-un people living fash-un lives, the world’s best known fash-un monthly has strived to keep up with the IT models of recent years.

As a result, we’ve seen everyone from Kimye (complete with wedding dress) to Kate Upton doing their best statuesque pose on the cover. The argument is always the same; these people aren’t *real* models or artists, their very existence should appal Vogue and its high-calibre readership.

To these people, Kendall is the antithesis of everything Vogue. She shouldn’t be anywhere near the cover – let alone on the all-important September issue.

Throughout the interview, Kendall pleads to be “taken seriously” and insists that her multimillion-dollar modelling career is “not a joke or a stunt”, but the article itself send a conflicting message.

Subject matter revolves predominantly around growing up in the spotlight, her famous sisters and her dad’s sex transition. This is another thing that’s rattled the cage of Vogue fans.

Possibly writing with the aim of riling up fashion fanatics even further, Vogue published a line comparing Ken-J to Linda Evangelista, one of the most admired supermodels of all time.

Talk about rubbing salt into the wound. But then again, is it really Vogue’s fault that people are so salty over a single magazine cover? No, Kendall might not be the perfect supermodel – but she gets people talking in a way that a safe option like Edie Campbell, Gisele or (God forbid) yet ANOTHER Kate Moss cover would not.

If anyone can prove that all press is good press, it’s the Kardashian clan. And hey, at least it isn’t Kylie.


Drake’s DAD is apparently releasing an R&B album. Life made.

Drake’s dad is releasing an album, according to TMZ.

Is this just the best news to ever grace the universe?

Dennis Graham isn’t just the father of Aubrey but someone who’s been involved in music for a long time, drumming for a number of bands, and now at 60-something it seems he’s ready for the world to hear what he’s capable of alone.


Despite Dennis’ longevity in music it’s not stopped comparisons to his son, with some people offering up suggestions for album titles that include gems like “Just hold on (I’m turning the car around and) we’re going home”.

Listening to the clip of Kinda Crazy the R&B Dennis favours is definitely of the old school variety, and not much like what his son puts out.

Joking aside, TMZ claims Jamie Lovine, son of music mogul Jimmy who helped Views achieve its phenomenal success, has had a hand in the project. That, coupled with curiosity, and the album could do quite well.



Listen: MAALA: Kind Of Love

This guy…

I’ve had this song on repeat all day. It’s a voice that can soothe you from the most stressful of days.

The man behind the vocals is Kiwi dude Evan Sinton, a 21-year-old Sony-signed artist with a whole lot of fame to come I’m sure.

He reminds me of the Broods, Chet Faker and Lorde.

Let me know what you think…